Facilitate provision of Child and Youth welfare services through:

• Rehabilitation and integration of street children to the community.
• Protection of the Child rights in charitable children Institutions.
• Supervision of both the statutory and non statutory Children institutions.
• Conducting social inquiry
• Guidance and Counseling
• Enforcement of parental responsibility.
• Strengthen Youth support programmes
• Promoting sporting activities among the youth.
• Establish, strengthen and institutionalize the platform for co-management of children and Youth affairs.
• Promote Youth empowerment through training, income generating opportunities and social welfare activities.
• Domesticate and implement the children’s Act Cap 586.
• Network with institutions and organizations at local, regional , National and International level for exchange of experience and good practices.
This department has sections namely:-
• Administration
• Community Development
• Sports and Culture
• Welfare (Social Hall, Manyatta(KOSAWO HALL) Hall, and Kaloleni social hall)
• Rotary Youth Training Centre
• Children and Youth Desk
• Mama Ngina Children’s Home. 
Community Development Section.

.The section’s activities include:
• Mobilization
• Guidance and Counseling
• Sensitization and group registration
• Community capacity building
• Financial advice and selection of priority project
• Group conflict resolutions.
• All these are generally geared towards community socioeconomic empowerment.
 Welfare section
 • Activities include:-
• Maintaining recreational halls
• Promoting sports within the City Council in collaboration with the stakeholders.
• Organizing City Council of Kisumu teams to participate in Kenya Inter Municipalities
Sports and Cultural Association (KIMSCA) games held every year.
 This is a Vocational training centre offering various technical courses to KCPE graduates’ and KCSE with D- and below. The courses run for two years leading to Artisan Examination (KNEC) AND Government Trade Test III. The Courses offered are:-
• Mechanical Engineering
• Welding and Fabrication
• Carpentry and Joinery
• Garment Making (tailoring and dress Making)
• Masonry
• Motor Vehicle Mechanics
• Computer Studies
Coming soon (We intend to start more new courses) such as:-
• Plumbing
• Housekeeping and laundry
• Hairdressing
• Accounting
Development project in progress:-
Through collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, construction of a one stop youth empowerment centre is in progress.
 • The home initially known as Kirk hostel and put up by Lions Club was handed over to the Municipal Council of Kisumu in 1965 and named after the then First lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta.
• The home acts as a rescue centre which accommodates orphans, lost and abandoned children.
• The main activities at the centre are to carry out investigations, care and protection, education, healthcare and re-integration of the same to the community.
• The centre is fully owned by the Council and it facilitates most of the activities however due to the increasing number of such children and high cost of goods, well wishers too chip in once in a while to bridge the gap of demands.
- WELFARE (children and Youth)
The welfare section of the department has the mandate of promoting the rights and welfare of children within the jurisdiction of the Council.
This section also promotes youth empowerment through:-
• Sports and neighborhood competition, KIMIVOTCA which is held annually in June.
• Public awareness of facilities available for the youth i.e. youth fund, talent search programmes and other locally available opportunities.
• Guidance and counseling are offered to youths, parents and children.
• The street children programme:- children rescued are investigated, rehabilitated and re- integrated by the section.
• This work is done in collaboration with other organizations and stakeholders.
Core Functions
The main core functions of the section involves
• Child right awareness
• Youth empowerment
• Street children rehabilitation
• Diversion programme
• Case study and investigations
• Home visits and inspection ( charitable children institutions)